Welcome to Bravo Pizza!

Welcome to Bravo Pizza!
12 Wings
Chicken Pesto
Spaghetti with Meatsauce

We have been serving the city of San Francisco since 1963! Our mission is to prepare our foods with the freshest and finest ingredients available! We hope your dining experience at Bravos is one you will enjoy! We take pride in our "old school" approach to dining and hope to see you soon!

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Bravo Pizza
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Spaghetti Marinara
Large Greek Salad
Fettuccini Alfredo

Our concern for Public Safety is our #1 priority.

Our concern for Public Safety is our #1 priority.

SO...delivery time approximately is 1 hour under normal conditions. Times will vary depending on weather and how busy we are.

Thank you for understanding!

SALES TAX & DELIVERY will be added.


Been eating Bravos for years. Still one of the best places in the city. The Almost Everything pizza is great for football and any other day. Check them out.

-Andrew G.


Great Pizza. I'm 52 yo and remember eating Bravo's as a kid. Took a friend and her daughter here and we were not disappointed. Staff was friendly and even told us how to save money on our order. The ceiling had just caved in due to the rain so we couldn't dine in like we wanted to and the new owner apologized profusely. Definitely recommend this place.

-Art B.


When we first moved to the neighborhood 2 years ago we tried all the local pizza places and our family voted Bravo the best. We’ve ordered lots of different pizzas from them since then and they are consistently delicious!

-Shawn S.